What to do if you have a Safeguarding Concern

If the concern relates to the Central Council or a Council-organised event

If you believe a safeguarding concern may exist in connection with the Central Council’s work or a Council event, please contact:

  • The designated Safeguarding Lead for the event; or

If the concern relates to a member of the church community, a fellow ringer or a member of the public

If you believe a safeguarding concern may exist, even if you are not sure, it is essential that you make contact as soon as possible with the designated Safeguarding Lead for your tower or ringing society, or with your Parish Safeguarding Officer, Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor, local authority social care service or the police.

Please note that the CCCBR and its officers have no statutory role in any matters concerning safeguarding and are unable to comment on individual cases.

Society Safeguarding Oficers may find the following resources useful:

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