Ring for the King

Coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023

When to ring

It has now been announced the Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11am on 6th May.  Many bands will have already made their arrangements and many ringers may be involved in ringing at more than one tower.  For this reason, the CCCBR are not suggesting a specific time to ring, although the morning would be preferable, preceding the Service time.  Ringing is encouraged at any time convenient to the ringers and church authorities, and should be recorded on Bellboard https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/event.php?id=16546

What to ring

If you want to ring something special, this call change sequence was used at the 1953 Coronation and could be good target for some bands. [PDF]


Two simpler routines have been devised for less experienced bands by members of the Middlesex County Association, and were first published in ART’s Tower Talk magazine. They have been reproduced with kind permission. [PDF]


Record your ringing:

There is a Bellboard event to link performances to here. The Ringing World and Bellboard team are working on producing certificates that can be autogenerated from submitted performances.

To support public relations and recruitment activities ahead of the coronation, the Central Council has produced some materials for Associations or individual towers to download and use as required.


Engaging with the Media:

For tips on getting the press and social media interested, and what to do if the press want to film or interview, see guidance.

Other resources:

For other resources to support events please see Publicity Material.

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