Public Relations Workgroup


  • To promote the Council and bell ringing to the ringing community and general public, by:
    • Supporting the Council’s Executive and volunteers to share information with the ringing community and via the media
    • Exploiting opportunities to promote bell ringing in the media 
    • Managing the Council’s media contacts, responding to media queries and writing/promoting press releases, articles and other information for publication/broadcast
    • Monitoring bellringing stories in the public domain, sharing stories of interest with Council officers and the bellringing community
    • Offering guidance to society PR officers, including on the handling of social media.  
    • Maintaining a suite of PR materials
    • Maintaining and implementing the Council’s policies regarding publicity and ringing for public events
    • Supporting Council officers in dealing with the media as part of crisis containment
Vicki ChapmanWorkgroup Executive Sponsor
VacantCCCBR Public Relations Officer / Workgroup Lead
Cate GardnerLancashire
Eileen ButlerUS and international 
Martin Mellor
Phillip OrmeBells on Sunday
Rhi Pugh
Steph PendleburySussex
Susan HallGraphics, publicity materials



  • Recruitment leaflets
  • Recruitment stickers
    • Normal
    • Customisable
  • Tower open day poster
  • Porch notice
  • Publicity flyer
  • Virtual tower tour
  • Roller banners
  • Feather flags

Other Resources and Guidance

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