Governance Review 2022

Standing Order G1.1 requires that each three years the Executive review the Council’s governance to assess whether it continues to be “effective and aligned with best practice” and the first of these reviews took place this year. The Governance Review comprised two parts:

Review of the Council’s Governance and Controls

In February 2022, the Trustees conducted an evaluation of the Council’s governance and operating controls using the Charity Governance Code.  The resulting analysis the Governance Review Report 2022, is currently being finalised and will be presented at the Council’s meeting on 3rd September.

Technical Review of the Council’s Rules and Standing Orders

In December 2021, as part of the wider governance review, the Trustees invited the Hon. David Bleby QC from ANZAB to conduct technical assessment of the Council’s Rules and Standing Orders to ensure they are working as intended, identify any errors, or wording which could be better expressed and recommend improved wording in each case.

The review included consideration of a list of issues raised by Council Members following a call for suggestions made by the President in March.

At its meeting on 22nd June the Executive resolved to recommend the implementation of the report’s recommendations in full and a motion which gives effect to them has been submitted for consideration at this September’s Meeting.

Click here to read the Report of the Technical Reviewer.

Consultation on funding the Council (changes to affiliation fees)

During the consultation processes in 2020 on direct membership and on reducing the size of the Council it was clear that a block to considering the latter was the current funding structure whereby Society affiliation fees were based on the number of representatives to which they were entitled, rather than their absolute membership. Thus any change in the size of the representative body would, under the current funding formula, create a significant financial problem to the Council.

A subgroup of the Executive, led by the President, developed several models which would link affiliation fees directly to a Society’s membership while maintaining the current overall income from these fees. This was consulted on with Societies during the early part of 2022 and received broad support from Societies. Linking affiliation fees to membership numbers was considered fairer overall, irrespective of any future changes to the size of the Council. A motion is being put to the Annual Meeting to put the new model into effect.

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