Technical and Taxonomy

The Technical & Taxonomy Workgroup was established as part of the new organizational structure of the Central Council in May 2018. It encompasses the activities that were formerly undertaken by the Methods Committee, the Compositions Committee, the ICT Committee and the Dove Stewards, and it is also responsible for the Framework for Method Ringing. It coordinates activity to:

  • advising on questions arising from the interpretation of the Council’s Framework for Method Ringing and making necessary updates via a transparent consultation process
  • facilitating the creation and maintenance of standards for the electronic interchange of ringing data

including, but not limited to:

  • methods
  • compositions
  • performances
  • towers
  • doubles variations
  • all methods named in accordance with the Framework for Method Ringing, arbitrating on any conflicts that occur in method naming and classification
  • all published compositions, improving the ability to find suitable compositions suitable for particular purposes
  • all ringing towers and bells by supporting the Stewards of the Dove Database
  • developing or commissioning tools, articles and publications that aid in the understanding and analysis of methods and compositions
  • preparing and checking compositions for publication in The Ringing World
  • providing a panel of experts to consider and answer questions on ringing theory
  • encouraging and assisting affiliated societies and the Officers and Workgroups of the Council in the exploitation of information and communications technology
  • providing infrastructure to support improved communication within the Exercise
  • communicating to the Exercise developments in ringing-related computer software, hardware, communication and web services
  • identifying what existing services, whether provided directly by the Council or not, are important to ringers
  • taking steps to provide assurance that appropriate measures are in place to protect data and software, ensure continuity of service, and provide succession for the future
  • offering hosting for independent developer’s web sites, source code and data archives
  • offering to act as provider of last resort in the event that a developer is unable to continue providing a key service

Resources maintained by the workgroup include:

Technical and Taxonomy Workgroup Services and Current Projects
Workgroup LeaderVacant
MethodsTim Barnes – Team Leader; Adam Beer; Mark Davies (G&B), Graham John (ODG), Robin Woolley
CompositionsKira Chase – Team Leader; Peter Hinton; Graham John (ODG); Andrew Johnson; Richard Pullin; David Thomas
DoveDickon Love – Team Leader & Dove Steward; John Baldwin (Fellow); Doug Davis (KCA); Scott Orr – Dove Clerk & Carillon Consultant; Tim Jackson – Dove Steward; Tim Pett – Dove Steward (ODG); Richard Smith – Technical Lead (CUG); Colin Turner – Dove Clerk; Michael Williams – Mini-ring Consultant
ICTDoug Davis – Team Leader; Mark Elvers; Andrew Hall (DDA); Dave Richards (CUG); Leigh Simpson; Matt Thewsey; Colin Newman (ASCY); Ian Mozley

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