Historical and Archive

The Historical and Archive workgroup has responsibility to:

  • develop and manage a comprehensive historical and reference resource relating to ringers and all aspects of ringing.
  • make these resources as widely known and appreciated as possible within the ringing community and more generally.
Gareth DaviesAdvisor
Richard AndrewAdvisor – Biographies
Simon AvesAdvisor
Sue MarsdenAdvisor – Library
Alan BaldockAdvisor – Peals Analysis
David UnderdownAdvisor – Digital Archiving
A A J BuswellAdvisor – Quarter Peal Analysis
James BlackburnCCCBR Carter Ringing Machine Steward
Bill PurvisCCCBR Carter Ringing Machine Steward
John HarrisonRingers’ Biographies
Alan ReginCCCBR Rolls of Honour Steward
Richard AlltonPeals Analysis
Christopher RidleyWorkgroup Leadhalead@cccbr.org.uk
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