Volunteer and Leadership

The activities of the Volunteer and Leadership workgroup are to: 

  • mobilise bell ringers to create and develop for themselves the teams, knowledge, resources and skills to enable ringing to flourish.
  • promote life long learning in ringing both for individuals and teams and the development of support mechanisms for ringers and bands of all abilities.
  • promote excellence in ringing through relevant technical and leadership training.
Tim HineWorkgroup Leadvllead@cccbr.org.uk
Vicki ChapmanSupport for Recruitment, Education; CCCBR PROpro@cccbr.org.uk
Lesley BelcherART Chairmanlesley.belcher@bellringing.org
Matt LawrenceRecruitment & Retention Leadrecruitment@cccbr.org.uk
Deb BakerRecruitment & Retention Member; Social Media for V & L
Sonia FieldRecruitment & Retention Member; Promotion; Editor of Education Column
Steph PendleburyRecruitment & Retention Member
TBCResidential Courses NWnwcourse@cccbr.org.uk
Nich WilsonRinging Centres Leadrcadmin@cccbr.org.uk
Colin NewmanYouth
Phil RamsbottonIdeas & Solutions for V & L

Other members

Bruce ButlerLucy Hopkins-TillDon McLean
Eileen ButlerMike Hopkins-TillLucy Naish
Marianne FisherGeoff HorrittJames Ramsbottom
  • Coming soon
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