Volunteer and Leadership


The mission of the Volunteer and Leadership Workgroup is to facilitate and encourage the development of Suitably Skilled and Experienced People (SSEP) to ring, train, lead and support ringing wherever it can take place.

Current key activities:

  • Assessing the state of ringing
  • Train the trainers
  • Skill Development
  • Volunteer Enlargement
Paul WottonLeader
Lesley BelcherART Chairman
Matt LawrenceRecruitment & Retention Lead
Deb BakerRecruitment & Retention Member; Social Media for V & L
Sonia FieldRecruitment & Retention Member; Promotion; Editor of Education Column
Steph PendleburyRecruitment & Retention Member
Colin NewmanYouth
Alex ByrneDevelopment of a service answering questions about compositions, methods and conducting
Hayley YoungR&R member
Andy InghamResidential Courses NW

Other members

Eileen ButlerMike Hopkins-TillDon McLean
Lucy Hopkins-TillGeoff HorrittJames Ramsbottom

Executive Sponsor

David Smith
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