Stewardship and Management

To support ringers, the owners of bells, and other interested parties in all matters relating to the care of bells, ringers and those who visit bell towers in the areas of:

  • Statutory compliance, safety and governance in relation to ringing
  • funding, products, expertise and facilities to support ringing and the availability of bell installations
  • best practice relating to maintenance, and improvement of bell installations and training facilities
  • research and innovation in the advancement of bell ringing, its methodologies, tools and technologies

More detailed information on some of these topics is available here.

Stewardship & Management Workgroup Reports:

  1. Making the activities of the Workgroup better known The Workgroup offers a wide range of advice and guidance to ringers, churches and local communities (as indicated on the webpage under the “What we do” link). In particular, we are looking for people with skills and experience to assist with our activities through use of:
    • social media
    • short videos etc to accompany advice and guidance and….
    • organisation of seminars and events
  2. Financial matters
    This will include keeping guidance up to date and providing occasional advice in response to specific enquiries. Experience in any of the following areas would be useful:
    • Accounts (particularly of charities and non-companies)
    • VAT (particularly the listed places of worship scheme)
    • Gift aid
    • Fund raising for bell installation and restoration projects

If you are interested in such activities but do not have appropriate experience, then contact us and we will consider how you may be able to gain relevant skills. Those willing to join the Workgroup (or offer specialist advice on any of our activities on an occasional basis) should contact the Workgroup Leader – Alison Hodge ()

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