Stewardship & Management

The Stewardship and Management workgroup regularly reviews all aspects of Tower Stewardship and can offer advice and recommendations on matters including insurance, tower management, safeguarding, risk assessments, church law, health & safety, fire risk, complaints, etc.

A number of guidance notes are available below on common subjects. Some of the existing guidance notes are currently being reviewed and updated so if you cannot find what you are looking for or require further information on a particular subject please contact the Stewardship & Management workgroup Lead:

A more detailed table indicating what we do is here.


Information on equipment and installations used in ringing (including chimes, handbells and mobile belfries):

For comprehensive information on Belfry Maintenance, the Central Council’s Manual of Belfry maintenance is available for purchase through the online shop:

This updated publication covers a wide range of topics relevant to the maintenance of church bells and bellringing – towers, bells, frames, fittings, ropes, sound control, the faculty system, health & safety and more. It includes a schedule for regular maintenance and hints on how to identify more common problems. The key amendments in the 2020 version are in chapter 2 (Faculty jurisdiction …) following legislative changes made by the Church of England.

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Information and guidance notes on all aspects of tower operation, including regulatory requirements and good practice:

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Information and advice on all aspects of bells projects, fund raising etc:

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Contacts for enquiries related to Stewardship and Management:

  • Tower Infrastructure – email
  • Tower Operation – email
  • Major Projects – email

For general queries about the Workgroup:

  • Alison Hodge, Workgroup Lead – email
  • Robin Shipp, Secretary – email