Continuing CCCBR Reforms

Continuing CCCBR reforms consultation

Following on from the President’s email to all CC Members (Mon, 31 Aug 2020 at 14:23), I have pleasure in inviting you to join the ‘Progress on Central Council Reforms – consultations with CC Members’ process.  

This is the first of a number of consultation events on some of the outstanding proposals that the Members of the Central Council voted to accept at their annual meeting at Edinburgh in May 2017. Although three separate subjects they are inter-related with each other. 

·         Develop proposals by which the formal meeting will be significantly shorter and more effective. Explicitly consider the feasibility of reducing the number of representatives to 25-40% of its current size. 

·         Develop plans to allow membership to be opened up to all ringers. 

·         Review the name and branding of the Council taking into account a broad range of opinion. 

The current Executive members are now keen to make progress on these outstanding issues, and after this consultation period we want to present to the 2021 Annual Meeting proposals to further reform the Central Council. Please register and get involved in this process, we would like to hear your views. 

This will consist of zoom sessions that are open to all enrolled or appointed members of CC; including Council’s Trustees, Stewards and Workgroup Leaders as well as Representatives.

These zoom sessions are scheduled to span the next couple of months, commencing Tuesday 22nd September.  We’ve tried to provide a variety of days and times to cover diverse living patterns and time zones so please book your place to contribute to discussions on how to develop and implement the decisions made during the CRAG review.

Places are limited to 15 per session so please register HERE – for one that suits you  

If you were at the online AGM Saturday 5th September you’ll be aware of the plan to set up these sessions for CC Representatives.  If you missed the AGM (or want a reminder), you can see a recording of the meeting at The part about these sessions start at approximately 2:56:31

By way of a brief reminder, the Council Review and Action Group (CRAG) was set up following a vote at the Central Council’s meeting in 2016.  Its recommendations were brought to the Council’s annual meeting in May 2017.  For our many new Members if this is new to you, we value your input too, please do join one of the sessions to contribute to the debate. We intend to create an area on the CC website for ‘Continuing CCCBR Reforms’ with background information and updates.