The Central Council maintains and publishes records of methods which have been rung in peals and quarters, and provides advice to ringers about methods, method extension and other technical matters. Our electronic Methods Library on the internet contains over 20,000 methods, and is maintained by the Technical and Taxonomy Workgroup

Methods Library

The Central Council Methods Library contains lists of methods by place notation in various formats. A searchable database of methods which displays blue lines and useful information such as method properties, first performances and suitable compositions can be found in Composition Library.

Framework for Method Ringing

The Framework for Method Ringing is a Standard that provides common language and terminology for describing many aspects of method ringing, and it also contains the Central Council’s requirements for adding new methods to the Central Council’s methods library, for classifying and extending methods, and for record length performances. It is provided to support effective communication within the ringing community, and is an important reference if you wish to name a new method, extend a method, or are unsure how to record a performance.

The first version of framework was approved by the Executive on 24th February 2019 and becomes effective on 1st June 2019.


The Council’s Decisions governing, among other things, Peal Ringing and Methods apply up until the 1st June 2019 when they are superseded by the Framework for Method Ringing.

Questions and advice

The Methods team of the Technical and Taxonomy Workgroup has an expert panel which can answer questions about methods including those on the Framework for Method Ringing, method classification, method extension and method naming.

Questions can be sent by email to