The Central Council has two appointed Safeguarding Officers as follows:

David Bassford
Ann White

If you have any Safeguarding concern or question, please either contact them directly using their individual email addresses above. Emails sent to will be forwarded to the Safeguarding Officers if they are of a safeguarding nature.

Safeguarding advice for young ringers online

In general bellringers are lovely people but very rarely things can go wrong. To help you stay safe when ringing online:

  • When you are going to a practice make sure there is someone you know and trust there.
  • If someone says something inappropriate use the “Report Behaviour” link on Ringing Room and tell an adult you trust (mum or dad, tower captain or another family member).
  • You can take screenshots to keep a record of conversations.
  • If you need more help or don’t know who to talk to, go to

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