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The Central Council members comprise:

  • Representative Members chosen by their affiliated Societies;
  • Representatives chosen by smaller ringing societies who are not yet large enough to affiliate;
  • Individual Members enrolled or appointed as may be determined by the Standing Orders; and
  • the Council’s Trustees, Stewards, Workgroup Leaders and Fellows who are ex-officio members if not otherwise members.

The Central Council has maintained Rules and Decisions for over 120 years. Its Rules deal with the fundamentals of its governance, entry criteria, subscriptions etc. whilst its Decisions relate to arrangements for ringing or ringing societies. Under the Council’s current constitution, the more modern words “Policy” and “Standard” can alternate with Decision, but the meaning is the same.

More recently, in common with other organisations, the Council has developed a separate suite of internal Policies and Standards governing its own charitable work.

The Executive Officers are elected by the Council at the annual meeting.


The Rules and Standing Orders were adopted by the Transition Motion which contains certain provisions relating to the previous rules and policies of the Central Council.
Rules Effective From
Edition 1 28th May 2018
Edition 2 5th September 2020
Edition 3 (current) 4th September 2021

Standing Orders

The Rules and Standing Orders were adopted by the Transition Motion which contains certain provisions relating to the previous rules and policies of the Central Council.

EditionEffective From
Edition 128th May 2018
Edition 21st May 2019
Edition 31st September 2020
Edition 4Withdrawn
Edition 51st January 2021
Edition 61st July 2021
Edition 74th September 2021
Edition 8 (current)1st March 2022

Internal Policies

Under Rule 10.4, the Council from time to time publishes policies relating to its work. Its current policies are listed below:

Ringing for Public and Community Events – PDF

Safeguarding Policy (CC events and meetings) updated Oct 21 – PDF

Conflict of Interest Policy – PDF

Additional Notes and Forms for Trustees, Stewards and Workgroup Leaders – PDF

Annual Declaration Form – DOCX

Expenses Policy – PDF / Expenses Claim Form – DOCX

Privacy Notice – PDF

Equality and Diversity Statement

CCCBR Risk Assessment August 2021 – PDF

From time to time the Executive may make and report decisions that do not become formal policies or Standing Orders but continue to have effect. A list of all such decisions can be found here.

Framework for Method Ringing

The Framework for Method Ringing is a Standard that provides common language and terminology for describing many aspects of method ringing, including performance reporting. It also contains the Central Council’s requirements for adding new methods to the Central Council’s methods library, for classifying and extending methods, and for record length performances. It is provided to support effective communication within the ringing community and is currently the Council’s only “Decision” (a Policy or Standard dealing with arrangements for ringing or ringing societies). The Council’s earlier Decisions. were retired in 2019.

The first version of the framework was approved by the Executive on 24 February 2019 and became effective on 1 June 2019.

Framework for Method Ringing – website

Framework for Method Ringing – PDF version

Framework for Method Ringing – Appendices – PDF version

Conflicts of Interest

The Executive of the Council declare any Conflicts of Interest annually, the details of which can be viewed in the documents below:

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