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The information found here is designed to provide an approach to assess the progress of those who have chosen Bellringing as an activity to achieve their DofE award. It is provided as guidance on possible ways to assess and sign off success. The approaches detailed should not be considered prescriptive, nor should they be deemed the only possible solution.

Full details on how to use the sliding scales of progress can be found in the downloadable document here:

The keys to a positive outcome using the approach described are:

  1. Ensure all success criteria are agreed between the selected assessor and the candidate (or parent/guardian) prior to embarking on the task.
  2. Ensure progress is measured regularly to ensure things are ‘on target’.
  3. Maintain high standards at all times during the assessment period.

The DofE Scheme itself has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, the suggested timescales for achieving each of these can be found on the DofE Website here: DofE Timescales.

Although the majority of candidates will be looking to use Bellringing to achieve an award in the ‘Skill’ section of the Award Scheme (DofE Skill Section – Bellringing can be found under the Music heading), it may be possible for them to achieve in the Volunteering section as well under either of the ‘Helping a charity or community organisation’ or ‘Coaching, teaching and leadership’ headings.

For the Service element the candidate is strongly advised to consult DofE directly to ensure their plans for volunteering are acceptable. Simply turning up to ring for Sunday Service for 6 months may not be deemed adequate under the ‘Helping a community organisation’ section.





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