Peal Record Performance

The Suffolk Guild


Suffolk, St Mary-le-Tower

On Saturday 13 September 1930, in 3 hours and 46 minutes

Tenor: 32

5,280 Pudsey Surprise Maximus

Composed by Traditional

1Robert H Brundle
2Charles J Sedgeley
3WIlliam Tillett
4Hobart E Smith
5George A Fleming
6Harold E Symonds
7John F Tillett
8WIlliam J G Brown
9Charles A Catchpole
10William P Garrett
11George E Symonds (C)
12Frederick J Tillett

First peal of Pudsey Surprise Maximus ever rung. Rung in honour of Mr. Brundle's 79 th birthday. The St. Mary-Ie-Tower Society has now rung eleven different Maximus methods within the last ten years.


5280 Pudsey Surprise Maximus

23456 W H ----------- 24536 - 2 32546 - 3 ----------- 2 part.

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