Recruitment and promotional videos go live

The PR Workgroup are proud to present two videos that were commissioned earlier this year to support recruitment and promotion activities.  The videos are free to use and can be accessed via our YouTube channel.

The first film, approx., 9 minutes long, shows ringers from various towers and the Kent Young Ringers, talking about and demonstrating ringing in a variety of settings.  The second film, approx. 2 minutes long, talks about what ringers of all ages find enjoyable about ringing.

Both films are free to use via our YouTube channel, here  Please feel free to share the links via your social media and tower or Association websites.

I am grateful to George Perrin, our film maker, Steph Pendlebury who helped with the logistics and reviewing, and the ringers, incumbents, locals and supporters at the towers that were filmed.

Vicki Chapman
CCCBR Public Relations Officer

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