Powerpoint presentations to use for PR purposes

Want to tell other people about bell ringing?  Not sure how to get the facts together in the best way?  Or don’t have the time to create your own presentation?

A small working group of volunteers, led by Caroline Stockmann, have come up with a number of presentations which are there for you to tailor and use in a variety of situations.  In summary they are:

  • a general overview of bell ringing
  • a presentation to those particularly interested in the science and mathematics of it all
  • a presentation for those interested particularly in the history
  • a ‘recruitment’ presentation.

Still to come in the next weeks are:

  • a template for bell restoration funding applications
  • a recruitment presentation for youth
  • a ‘tower leaflet’ – with generic content as well as areas for specifics of your tower; this is an aid to help you create your own leaflet if you don’t have one.

The presentations have guidance notes; the pages themselves have minimum content, as intended for presentation rather than reading.

We hope some of you will find these resources useful! https://cccbr.org.uk/services/pr/bells-and-bellringing/

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