Devon towers to open for Ringing Remembers campaign

Four Devon towers are to open up to attract new ringers as part of the Ringing Remembers campaign. The campaign aims to recruit 1,400 new ringers in memory of those lost in WWI.

On the 24th Feb, Tiverton St Peter, Bampton, Silverton, and Hemyock will open their towers that morning for people to drop in and find out about learning to ring. There will be displays, videos, a chance to talk to ringers and to see the bells and have a go for themselves.

Leslie Boyce from Tiverton St Peter said:

“What is so special about bell ringing? Apart from making a glorious sound ringing, it is an excellent way to keep fit – rather than use a “dumb” bell, why not use a real bell? It’s also a great team activity and offers the more ambitious student limitless opportunities to learn new methods – a real mental workout. People of all ages from 10 to 70 can be ringers and no great physical strength is required. Once a ringer, you also have a community of friends throughout the country who will welcome you into their own towers to ring. This allows you to visit some amazing and historic places as well.”

Well said Leslie!

This was featured in DevonLive

Mark Heritage, receives his Learning the Ropes lvl 1 certificate from Leslie Boyce

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