Council Reform – Revised Governing Documents finalised

On 23rd February the Council published the final edition of its revised governing documents, for consideration at its Lancaster meeting in May.

This is the product of six months of effort commencing last August and was triggered by the CRAG proposals agreed at the 2017 Edinburgh Council Meeting, which recommended a number of improvements to the Council’s governing structures so as to make it more responsive to the needs of societies and individual ringers.

The revised governing documents have undergone an extensive process of consultation, spanning a total of 10 weeks between September and January. This has in turn resulted in a number of changes to reflect the wishes of Council members, societies and ringers.

The Next Step – the new governing documents have now been sent to the Charity Commission for approval before being presented at the Council’s forthcoming meeting in Lancaster. Christopher O’Mahony, the Council’s President comments “Our hope is that all ringers will feel a sense of “ownership” with the new Rulebook, so that Council representatives can come to the Lancaster meeting in May prepared to vote in its favour.”

Read Christopher O’Mahony’s comments on the revised governing documents here.

Read more about the work to revise the Council’s governing documents and the next steps here.

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