Ringing Remembers – August 2018 Update

What an incredibly busy couple of months it’s been.  We are really excited to now be able to share with you the latest numbers registered on the Ringing Remembers database is just over 1,700.  Yes, you read that correctly, over seventeen hundred!  This is a fantastic number and well over our target of 1,400.

That number does need to be read with a note of caution however.  It represents the number of people who have registered on the database.  We do expect there to be a percentage of registrants that decide that they are no longer interested and have withdrawn, but that’s a difficult number to assess.  So, as with all investments, the final number could go down, as well as up!

Of this number we are currently able to ascertain that 80 are registered as “Returning Ringers”, those that chose this project as a catalyst to return to ringing after an absence of a number of years.  We are grateful for their return to help with the Armistice Centenary, and beyond.

Two very high-profile media pieces, without doubt, contributed to the magnificent rise in numbers. A piece on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme with the ringers from St James’, Bermondsey, and Sky News with the ringers at St Mary the Virgin, Pillerton Hersey. Thank you to both of those bands for making that happen at such short notice. Lots of local interest stories have been running as well, and other pieces in The Observer and The Guardian.

We are keen to make sure that the information we hold is up to date, and those that have registered have been contacted, and are starting to learn to ring. We have sent out emails asking them to update their profile, so that we can be sure that they have been contacted and are learning. Please do encourage your learners to update their information and ensure that their address is correct. This is especially important as we start to distribute the learners’ Ringing Remembers badge, which was launched in Bamburgh by Lord Bourne, the Communities Minister.

The amount of work gone in to recruitment events, taster days, open days, teaching sessions and ongoing learners’ practices has been staggering. Again, a huge thank you for everyone’s drive and enthusiasm.

We still have a number of Ringing Remembers posters and leaflets if you are having an event, or want to continue to spread the word.  You can order a supply directly from https://a100.cccbr.org.uk/order/ and we’ll get them posted out as soon as possible.

And there is still a small amount of funding available to support recruitment and training events for Ringing Remembers.  You can apply for this, in advance of your event, by completing the application form at https://a100.cccbr.org.uk/apply-for-funding/

At the risk of repeating ourselves, “Ringing Remembers” is the campaign officially endorsed and sponsored by HM Government and is encouraging muffled/half-muffled ringing for the 11am Act of Remembrance followed by open ringing at 12:30pm on Sunday 11th November – aligning with the published agenda for processions and marches in celebration of peace. Nevertheless, knowing the national mood to acknowledge this centenary, CCCBR encourages all ringers to respond as they see fit, taking into account the wide variety of local circumstances. Ringing open at or around 12:30pm is the ideal and recommended option, but any time that afternoon / evening is also supported.

Vicki Chapman
CCCBR Ringing Remembers Project Coordinator

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