This week in The Ringing World

Coming in this week’s edition of The Ringing World:

+ The sound of bells is restored to Almondsbury, Bristol

+ Who’s Who – the Editor interviews Jen Johnson

+ Method of the month for May:  Turramurra Surprise Major, compiled by David Hull

+ Musings on call changes in Devon – and beyond by John Eisel (Part 5)

Bellringing and insurance – an expert view by Marcus Booth of Ecclesiastical Insurance

+ A profile of Prolific Peal Ringer Tom Cullingworth (1913 – 2003) by Bill Butler

+ Shropshire ringers visit to Ypres

Obituary of Donal Heath by Dennis Ellisdon

+ The Lilliputter’s AGM weekend by Euan Thomas

+ Yorkshire Associations Grand Day Out in Harrogate

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