This week in The Ringing World – 9th August

Coming in this week’s edition of The Ringing World on Friday 9th August:

+ The Duke of Gloucester visits Loughborough

+ CCCBR London 2019 Mini Roadshow – What’s on offer for History & Heritage

+ Apollo 11 anniversary ringing in Houston, Texas – by Lynsey Slavonic

+ Houston, Tranquility Base here… by Lynn Scales

+ Records of ringing for the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing

+ Does bell ringing yield effective music performance coursework? – by Mark Place

+ Notable Composers of the Past, Part 2: William Shipway – by Richard Pullin

+ Letters page on topics including the future presidency of the CCCBR

+ Update on Chris King’s WW1 commemorative badges

+ Obituary for T Jefferson Smith – by Don Morrison

+ Trinity, Wall Street band UK tour – by Stuart Barton

+ A new ringers hymn by Emily Feldberg – report by Susan Mew

+ Walter Knight’s Tail Ends series returns

+ ART’s Learning the Ropes scheme – July achievers

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