We are recruiting volunteers

The Stewardship and Management Group covers an important part of the Council’s function, giving advice on a range of matters relating to bells, installations and towers to ringers, churches and other interested parties. We have a team of around 20 members with a very broad range of knowledge, supplemented by others with very specific expertise.

The Workgroup does have a few areas where additional help would be very welcome. Full details can be found here: https://cccbr.org.uk/nr4smw/ and include financial matters relating to ringing, bell installation and maintenance projects, tower and belfry inspections, and general promotion of the Workgroup and its services to the wider ringing population. You can also find this page directly on the CCCBR website using;

CCCBR > About > Workgroups > Stewardship and Management,
Then select Recruiting Tab.

This is an opportunity for any people who may be providing such advice at a local level to help out on a wider basis, or for someone who is hiding their light under a bushel to shine a bit more brightly! You can ring anywhere in the world and it does not require you to be a society representative.

If you think you can be of any help please contact Alison Hodge at: smlead@cccbr.co.uk

Simon Linford
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers