Ron Johnston

We are very sad to hear of the passing of Ron Johnston, former President of the Central Council, on Friday 29th May.

He represented the Australia & New Zealand Association from 1975-1979, the Yorkshire Association 1984-1993, was an ex-officio member 1993-1996, and an Honorary member 1996-1999.  He was also Vice-President 1990-1993 prior to becoming President.

He served on Peals Analysis Committee 1975-1979, Biographies Committee 1987-1990, Publications Committee 1987-1993, Library Committee 1990-1993, Committee for Redundant Bells 1996-1999, Administrative Committee 1990-1999 (ex-officio 1990-1996, elected 1996-1999).

Our thoughts are with his wife Rita and his family.