Result of May YouTube Competiton!



This excellent piece of call change ringing topped an impressive field of entries that showcased different styles of ringing and numbers of bells.

Highly Commended



There were 28 pieces submitted in total, and they provide a fascinating and very enjoyable two and a half hours of listening if you have some spare time! Many of these pieces were on YouTube already on various channels but we have unearthed previously hidden footage, as well as got at least one handbell band to record specially (and at the last minute!). The complete playlist is at the bottom.

Judge Matt Hilling, from Exeter Cathedral, made the following comments

“Judging this first round of the YouTube competition was both fun and interesting. Comparing different types and styles of ringing didn’t make it an easy task. Add to that different venues, different length of recordings and differing numbers of bells and suddenly I felt I had a real challenge on my hands. It was good to see many familiar faces though.

This round is all about striking. I was looking for sustained, consistent, rhythmical and accurate ringing throughout the entire recording. My first task was to listen to all 28 submissions. As I did this I gave each one a score out of ten. This was an impression score rather than a fault counting score. Once this was complete I was left with six submissions that scored eight or above. I listened to these again (and in some cases a few more times after that!) making some notes on each one which led me my final decision.”

So an Amazon voucher for £25 will be zapping its way to Bellr1nger for submitting the winning entry.

The complete Playlist can be watched here

Simon Linford
President CCCBR



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