The Mathematics of Bell Ringing – 5th Jan 2021

Gresham College have kindly extended an open invitation for bellringers to join a free lecture on the Mathematics of Bell ringing by Prof Sarah Hart on 5th January 2021 at 13:00.

It’s pretty easy to register via the link below using an email address, and you get a reminder 10 minutes before the event starts. You can also watch the lecture later on. All our lectures are free.

The Mathematics of Bell Ringing

Professor Sarah Hart, Gresham Professor of Geometry

Tuesday 5 Jan 2021, 1pm-2pm (online, or watch later)

This lecture will look at change ringing, which is ringing a series of tuned bells in a particular sequence, and this has exciting mathematical properties.

We will also ask: why are bells bell-shaped? What properties of this shape create the sound of a bell, and by what amount should we scale the size of a bell to produce changes in pitch?

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Vicki Chapman
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Public Relations Officer

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