Newsletter Showcase

Staying in touch with our bellringing community has been so important over these last few months when we haven’t been able to ring together and meet up as usual. The advent of on line video conferencing has, of course, made that so much easier, along with various social media platforms.

It shouldn’t be under-estimated however, the number of people who don’t use social media, or videoing software, either because they can’t get to grips with it, or do not find it gives them what they need.  One of the good old ways of keeping people up to date with what’s going on in your tower, group or Association, is by producing regular newsletter.  This of course, can still be distributed by electronic means, but there are still some who prefer a paper copy.  And I always say that you should have a paper copy in the tower as well, so that anyone who comes to visit you, or to have a look around for the first time, can see what other thriving activities are taking place.

Recently, the Central Council has been sent some really good examples of Newsletters that have been produced, and we started to wonder what others were out there.  We are not launching a competition to find the most interesting Newsletter, but would like to share examples of good ones to encourage others to use this method of keeping in touch and up to date.

A great Newsletter should encompass a number of elements:

  • Celebrate the victories:celebrate all the good things that are going on.  This can be anything from introducing new members, individual or group achievements like first quarters, or peals, or conducting etc.  It’s also nice to share good news stories that involve ringers, but are not ringing related such as someone who has just passed their exams, or gained an achievement in another hobby.
  • Announcements: share short biographies of newly appointed officers so that everyone can get to know them. Where have you been recently published or interviewed?
  • Formal communication:meeting dates, venues and times.  Special practices.  Courses and how to sign up for them.  And, if you need to, address any difficult situations.
  • Photos: bright, exciting, enticing photos of things happening.  Just make sure you get permission from those in it, particularly if that includes young people.

If you have an example of a great newsletter and would be happy to share it as an example (which may be vetted), please email a copy to me at with the subject line NEWSLETTER.  When you submit an example, please let me know who produces it, how frequently and where it gets distributed to.  We’ll find a slot on the website somewhere to share them.

Vicki Chapman
Public Relations Officer – Central Council

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