Cop26 United Nations Climate Change Conference

You may have seen calls to ring at 6pm (UK) on 30th October before Cop26 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Glasgow from 1-12 November.  We are often asked to ring for specific events or causes and CCCBR’s policy is not to get involved with anything directly politically motivated.  There are arguments either way as to whether or not COP26 is a political event, and there is of course politics involved with any intergovernmental talks. Ringing has various functions: it can, amongst other things, signal an event or issue, celebrate an event or issue and raise awareness of an event or issue. If individuals or groups of ringers wish to take part it should be done with agreement from the clergy or equivalent authority. There is a BellBoard event to link performances to if desired at

Vicki Chapman
Public Relations Officer

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