RingingForums…topic specific networks

As mentioned during the CCCBR AGM in September we are pleased to be able to launch RingingForums, a set of online networks for like-minded ringers to ask specific topic questions, get support and share information quickly and easily. A network could involve, for example, individuals holding similar roles in ringing societies eg belfry advisers, safeguarding officers, treasurers, GDPR advisers, society librarians. More broadly, networks could include individuals with specific or more general interests eg historians, composers, software developers, health & safety, public relations, recruitment and retention. Others could use information to find answers for one-off enquiries, eg on insurance etc.  Anyone searching for “how do I maintain plain bearings”, for example, would find relevant information or someone to answer.

The benefits of using RingingForums includes:

  • Forum for serious discussion of topics of mutual interest
  • Mutual help
  • Sharing best practice
  • Exchange photos, examples, references, guidelines, templates etc
  • Information retained for efficient reuse
  • Avoids / reduces fragmentation of information on multiple fora – Facebook, email lists, other social media)

It costs nothing to access. Using RingingForums, we can establish separate forums for distinct ringing topics on request, encourage experts to monitor relevant forums and answer questions raised, and provide public or private forums as needed for specialist interest groups or projects. A single login will allow ringers to comment on the forums, and any of the public forums can be browsed without logging in at all.

Some forums have already been set up with others in progress, and some discussion topics already begun.  Others are in the process of being set up and we welcome suggestions for useful forums that ringers would want access to.

To view the current forums, read what’s already being discussed and to register if you wish to contribute to the discussion, go to https://www.ringingforums.org/  Be sure to read the RingingForums Policy and let us know if there’s a discussion topic you’d like to see.

Vicki Chapman
CCCBR Public Relations Officer


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