Volunteers’ Week

This year, we would like to make the link between Bellringing and the Volunteers who take on the extra responsibilities which make bellringing happen!

National Volunteers Week is a UK organisation celebrating all sorts of volunteering activities in the first week of June and Bellringing can join in.

Bellringing is run by volunteers who organise the ringing practices, teach people to ring, maintain the bells and more….

Can you ask a bellringing leader near you for their story?

Brief information supported by a photo makes for strong stories and will encourage others to take on a role in their tower, guild or association.

Let’s celebrate the volunteers of all ages, all across the UK, in a wide variety of bellringing roles!

I’ve made an example as a rough idea of how a social media post could look….

Make your own post if you have an Association, Guild, Society or Tower Facebook account, Instagram account, etc.

Use #bellringing and #volunteersweek so that we can easily like, re-post and follow each other’s posts to grow the visibility of bellringing as a community activity.

Or complete this Google form to tell me about your chosen volunteer:


I will make a social media post for you and/or feature this volunteer in a Ringing World article as part of National Volunteers Week.

If you have other ideas and suggestions about ways to encourage more ringers to take on responsibility and leadership within bellringing, feel free to let me know ().

Lucy Chandhial
Leadership Education Team Lead within the Recruitment and Development Workgroup

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