What’s On – Bells & Engineering

The London 2019 Mini-Roadshow

Goldsmiths College, London SE14 6NW




John Taylor & Co. continues a line of bell founding which has been unbroken since the middle of the 14th Century. In 1839 it moved to its present position in Loughborough, and is now proud to operate the largest bell foundry in the world. Centuries of experience, together with up to the minute advances in technology, has put Taylors at the forefront in the design and manufacture of bells, their fittings and frameworks.

Avon Ropes are one of the innovators in bell rope making since 2007, using cutting edge materials and computer controlled machinery to manufacture stretch-free bell ropes.  Come along to their stand to see a demonstration of rope making.

Cumbria Clock Company are responsible for the maintenance of the country’s oldest clock in Salisbury Cathedral, they have undertaken the repairs and automatic winding of the most important astronomical clock at Hampton Court Palace, as well as major restorations at Leeds Town Hall, the large clock at Manchester Town Hall, Manchester, Durham, Hereford and Worcester cathedrals.

Westley Group grew out of the Westley family business (seventh generation), established for more than 200 years, originally supplying mainly copper based alloy castings.  Following the closure of the Whitechapel Bell foundry, Tom Westley wanted to find a way to continue the Whitechapel tradition of casting church bells in the United Kingdom and has transferred a lot of Whitechapel’s equipment, skills and knowledge to the Group’s specialist sand casting bronze foundry near Stoke-on-Trent.

Bells of Whitechapel offer a range of Whitechapel musical handbells, cup bells, ships bells, handled bells, clock bells and a selection of gift and presentation bells which can be personalised.  Whitechapel handbells have been manufactured since the 1740’s and continue to be made in south London, using original patterns and designs.
Matthew Higby & Co has grown steadily since the late 1980s.  From designing, developing and producing mini rings in a double garage, the company has since hung bells of all sizes in over 20 countries , as well as producing mini-rings and training bells.

Handbell Recovery specialises in the restoration of handbells.  Come along to talk to Alan Collings about his recent projects and take a look at a number of rings which have been recently restored.

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