13th December 2017

Rules Work – Review the Second Draft

It is important that we receive feedback at various points to ensure that the new rulebook is balanced, robust and acceptable to the vast majority.

At this stage, we would welcome your feedback on the second draft of the Rules, Standing Orders and the Transition Motion.

You will see that the Rules and Standing Orders have been produced in two alternative formats, which contain the same material, but organised differently. Please cast your eye over both formats and let us know which you favour.

For brief comments, just click the ‘Review the Second Draft’ button below.

For more comprehensive feedback, please email your thoughts to us at constitution@cccbr.org.uk. To enable us to review related comments together, we would ask that you indicate the paragraph number (whether in the Rules, Standing Orders or Transition Motion) to which each comment relates.

Please also let us have your name, where you ring.  If you are a Central Council member and/or guild officer please also let us know.

Please ensure all comments are submitted by Friday 12th January.

Review the Second Draft

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