Communications and Marketing

This workgroup was disbanded in March 2021 with its work being split between the new PR workgroup and the V&L workgroup and some distinct projects.

The Communications and Marketing workgroup co-ordinates activity to:

  • Encourage the growth and public appreciation of bell ringing
  • Represent the interests of bell ringing and ringers
  • Foster the recruitment and retention of ringers.
  • Support the Executive to develop strong relationships with key partners
NameRole / SpecialismEmail
Barbara WheelerPublications
Alex FishburnBells on Sunday liaison
James Ramsbottom
Allen Nunley
Philip GreenPublications
Neal DodgeSocial Media
Odette Dawkins
Vicki ChapmanPublic Relations Officer (Role Description)
Eileen Butler
Bruce Butler
Louise NightingaleWorkgroup
  • Ringing World Update – November 2018
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