Notable Church Festivals

Some church festivals occur in fixed dates but others are ‘movable’ depending on the date of Easter

Days related to Easter

Easter is a ‘movable feast’, whose date varies. The Western church uses the date established by the First Council of Nicaea, which is the first Sunday after the (Paschal) full moon following the northern hemisphere’s (ecclesiastical) vernal equinox. As a result the date of Easter varies between March 22 and April 25. See the Easter Date Calculator.

The days in the table below are all related to Easter:

Before/After EasterDay
6 weeks 4 daysAsh Wednesday
3 weeksMothering Sunday
2 weeksPassion Sunday
1 weekPalm Sunday
3 daysMaundy Thursday
2 daysGood Friday
1 dayHoly Saturday
Easter Day
4 weeksRogation Sunday
5 weeks 4 daysAscension Day (Thursday)
6 weeksAscension Sunday
7 weeksWhit Sunday (Pentecost)
8 weeksTrinity Sunday

Days not related to Easter & Saints’ Days

1 JanuaryCircumcisionThe Naming of Jesus
6 JanuaryEpiphany
25 JanuaryConversion of St Paul
2 FebruaryCandlemasPresentation of Christ at the Temple
5 FebruarySt AgathaPatron Saint of bell ringers (and breast cancer sufferers)
1 MarchSt DavidPatron saint of Wales
17 MarchSt PatrickPatron saint of Ireland
19 MarchSt Joseph of Nazareth
25 MarchThe Annunciationof the Blessed Virgin Mary (aka Lady Day)
23 AprilSt GeorgePatron saint of England
25 AprilSt MarkEvangelist
1 MaySt James the LesserApostle
1 MaySt PhilipApostle
14 MaySt MatthiasApostle
18 MaySt DunstanPatron Saint of bell ringers, Archbishop of Canterbury 960-988
31 MayVisit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth
11 JuneSt BarnabasApostle
24 JuneBirth of John the Baptist
29 JuneSt Peter (& St Paul)Apostle(s)
3 JulySt ThomasApostle
22 JulyMary Magdalene
25 JulySt James the GreaterApostle
6 AugustTransfigurationOf Jesus
15 AugustAssumptionof the Blessed Virgin Mary
24 AugustSt BartholomewApostle
14 SeptemberHoly Cross Day or Holy Rood Day
21 SeptemberSt MatthewApostle and Evangelist
29 SeptemberSt Michael& All Angels
18 OctoberSt LukeEvangelist
28 OctoberSt Jude (Thadeus)Apostle
28 OctoberSt SimonApostle
1 NovemberAll Saints
30 NovemberSt Andrew
4th Sunday before ChristmasAdvent
4 DecemberSt BarbaraPatron Saint of bell founders and bell ringers (and many others)
25 DecemberChristmas
26 DecemberSt StephenDeacon, First Martyr
27 DecemberSt JohnApostle and Evangelist
28 DecemberHoly InnocentsMassacre of young children in Bethlehem

Notable annual secular days are listed here.   See also, significant anniversaries of historic events. Back to list of Things To Ring For.

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