CRAG Survey restored

Dear fellow ringers I must apologise for the technical glitch that resulted in people having problems with the survey on January 14th. Three things seem to have happened at once – in relation to making the survey open to all, changing one question and editing the survey – which led to a situation where the … Read moreCRAG Survey restored

Church Law Update

The Tower Stewardship Committee have updated Guidance Note 5 on Church Law.  This can be downloaded from the Tower Stewardship page or directly from here.

In Memoriam – Jill Staniforth

Jill Staniforth – 7 January 2017 Represented the Ladies Guild from 1951 – 1981. Attended 22 meetings. Served on the Standing Committee from 1960 – 1966, the Admin Committee 1975 – 1978, the Sunday Service and Education Committee from 1966 – 1970, and The Ringing World Committee from 1968 – 1975.