Cast of 1000: Code / Protocol

Code for Helpers

The purpose of the practices is to give the best opportunities possible for those less experienced in surprise major ringing. Accordingly, the helpers’ main priority is simply to stay right and respond positively to the session leaders’ requests.

Only the session leader will comment on striking (except in the circumstances described in the following paragraph). Striking and method ringing are of equal importance at these practices.

If someone has specifically been nominated by the session leader to ‘hover’ or ‘stand behind’ a participant in order to support them, then only the nominated ‘hoverer’ or ‘stander-behind’ should talk to that ringer. It shouldn’t be needed though! If the session leader has nominated someone to ‘stand behind’ a ringer, then that nominated person may provide feedback on striking in real time to the individual who is being supported, rather than the session leader.

The leaders have been tasked with ensuring the practice is welcoming and inclusive. Please give your full support to them with this. To this end, please refrain from ‘in-jokes’, excessive banter, comparing methods with other things you know, using language that is unnecessarily technical, etc. These things can make less experienced ringers feel excluded or unnecessarily nervous.

Code for Other Participants

You need to turn up having done your homework please, which means being confident you can competently execute a course or touch of the chosen method or methods. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we want people to stretch themselves, but please prepare as well as you can!

You need to be open and receptive to being told about or given feedback regarding striking, which will only come from the leader of the practice (or in real time by an individual nominated by the session leader to ‘stand behind’ you). Striking and method ringing are of equal importance at these practices.

In the tower, it is not expected that you would need to consult the line (or other visual aids) for a method immediately before ringing it.

In the Ringing Room environment, no one will know whether you have a line on the table but there is still no substitute for having learned the method properly.

Ringing Room Specifics

If your internet connection is so bad that it is impacting on striking and making it difficult for others, you will need to be prepared to ‘fall on your sword’ and drop out. We need to make the ringing as good as possible especially when more difficult things are being rung.

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