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Bells maintained in good condition enable ringers to keep alive the tradition of change ringing – something that has been practiced all over the British Isles for over 300 years and spread elsewhere in the world. Rings of bells are very large and complex mechanical machines and require expensive installations and are valuable assets. Since many are historic, there is always a need for money for their maintenance and restoration. The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers maintains a Bell Restoration Fund that supports such projects. This document outlines the aims of this fund and how funds are raised. For details of the allocation criteria and administration procedures please see the associated Guidance for Applicants.


The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Bell Restoration Fund income is generated primarily from legacies, donations, fundraising offers and bank interest.


When funds are available, applications for grants are invited by notices in The Ringing World, on the CCCBR website, and on other communications channels. Available money is allocated in accordance with the Criteria defined by the Central Council.

The intention is for money in the Fund to be used rather than accumulated.

Grants awarded are shown each year in the annual report of the CCCBR.

How you can help

Wills and legacies

Leaving money in your will is one of the most effective ways of helping such a good cause. You are advised to seek specialist legal advice when writing or amending your will to ensure that it will be legally enforceable.


These are always very welcome and can be made at any time to the Central Council Bell Restoration Fund. Please contact the Treasurer () for bank details (i.e. sort code and account number). If necessary, cheques may be made payable to The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers with an accompanying letter stating that the money is for the Bell Restoration Fund.

Donations with Gift Aid

Any donation made out of taxed income to a registered charity, such as the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, may qualify for tax relief. Please fill out the Gift Aid form completely.

Payroll Giving

Employees (and others paying tax by PAYE, including recipients of pensions) can give to charity by having regular sums deducted from their gross income by their employer. Only those whose employers have agreed to operate a payroll deduction scheme are able to participate. Speak to your employer if you would like to follow this route.

Any references to taxation refer to England and Wales only.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact the Fund Administrator by e-mail at .

Fund Documents

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