Record Peals

Record Peals are held in two underlying tables (+ one reference table), maintained by a single form. The data originates from that displayed on the original CCCBR site, which lacks structure and consistency. It is hoped that this can be improved over the course of time.

The list of record peals shows sufficient information for the peal to be identified. Click on the ID to go to the detail page (or NEW ITEM to create a new peal). This allows the following data to be entered.

MethodThis should be the method name without the stage name (Minor, Major etc) or (for Spliced) the number of methods. These will be appended by the system for display.
Standard MethodIf YES the peal will be included in the ‘Standard Methods’ page.
StageMinimus to Twenty-Two currently catered for. For a new stage, this will need to be added into the relevant table by a Database Administrator.
ChangesNumber of changes rung. This can be null as the length of some earlier peals is not known, otherwise a minimum value of 5000.
DateThe date rung (or started). This is used to sort peals into date order. There was one peal (40320 Bob Major) which went over two dates in the summary. As this was not displayed as such in the detail pages, this subtle piece of information is not missing. Maybe it should go in a note to the peal?
MethodsNumber of methods (for spliced). Will default to 1 (even for principles).
Principles Number of principles (for spliced). If methods+principles > 1 then (e.g.) ‘(1m/1v)’ will be displayed after the method name.
All-the-work if YES ‘All the work’/'(atw’) will be displayed
CategoryFirst Peal, Record Length, Surpassed Record or Other
In HandYES if a hand bell peal
LocationLocation of the method (e.g. Tower/County or as appropriate for handbell peals)
RW RefRinging World Reference. [TODO. There is also provision for a bellboard reference, but this is currently disabled]

Detail Pages Information is displayed on the Detail Pages.

Enable Details PageIf YES, then a link to a details page is enabled in the summary page
Society Society rung for
TowerTower (or location for handbells)
TimeTime for the peal. Format is h[h]:mm
ComposerName of composer.
1 to 16Ringer. For handbells 1 will display as 1-2, 2 as 3-4 etc in the display ed page
FootnoteAny footnote to the peal. Free format.
UmpiresOne per line please
CompositionComposition. Free format text. This is best pasted in from a separate document. On the display page it will be free format text.

The Record Peal pages are all displayed using a single short-code (


10080(11 m)Denstone, All Saints13-03-1992RW1992-0573


15000(25 m)London (HB)14-11-1962RW1962-0828
12600(4 m)Marston, Oxon07-04-1958RW1958-0249
12720(7 m)Loughborough, Bellfoundry13-11-1965RW1965-0805
15000(10 m)Eardisley, St Mary Magdalene11-08-1974RW1974-0792
10080(Methods unknown)Whaplode, St Mary27-02-1775

Doubles and Minor

10500(14 m)Chirk, St Mary12-07-2019RW2019-0750


10080(14 m)Eardisley, All Saints02-04-1815
15120(21 m)Wath-on-Dearne, All Saints27-02-1816
18000(25 m)Stisted, All Saints16-11-1957
21600Bob (30 m)Wistow, St Wistan08-04-2000RW2000-0643
12240Delight (17 m)Ston Easton, St Mary11-09-1999RW1999-1039
10080St Clements College BobMarston Bigot (HB)24-05-2000RW2000-1069
10080Surprise (14 m)Lechlade-on-Thames (HB)27-03-1964RW1964-0261
10800Surprise (15 m)Rotherham, All Saints01-01-1931RW1931-0038
15120Surprise (21 m)Huntington, All Saints17-12-1983RW1984-0077
18720Surprise (26 m)Marston Bigot, St Leonard05-10-1991RW1991-1180
30240Surprise (41 m)Ston Easton, St Mary18-05-1996RW1996-0879
10080Treble Bob (14 m)Edwalton, The Holy Rood29-03-2003RW2003-0395
50400Treble Dodging (70 m)Coventry (HB)02-10-2004RW2004-990
72000Treble Dodging (100 m)Willingham (HB)06-05-2007RW2007-0509

Spliced Minor

21600Spliced Surprise (102 m)Cambridge (HB)18-02-2004RW2004-0542
20160Spliced Treble Dodging (147 m)Birmingham, St Paul20-11-2010RW2011-0061
21600Spliced Treble Dodging (60 m)Loughborough, Bellfoundry28-12-1963RW1964-0028
21600Spliced Treble Dodging (102 m)Cambridge (HB)18-02-2004RW2004-0542
23040Spliced Treble Dodging (80 m)Wistow, St Wistan04-10-2003RW2003-1070
24480Spliced Treble Dodging (178 m)Cambridge (HB)25-01-2008RW2008-0548
25200Spliced Treble Dodging (210 m)Ston Easton, Blessed Virgin Mary21-12-2019


10080Bastow Little BobCambridge (HB)07-07-2001RW2001-0975
13440Cumberland PleasureWarnham, St Margaret01-03-1889
10388Dordrecht AllianceDordrecht, 't Klockhuys15-06-2013RW2013-0804
10080Double BobHarrietsham, St John the Baptist08-12-1746RW1932-0549
10640Double BobDore, Christ Church09-02-2008RW2008-0340
10176Double Oxford BobBrierley Hill, St Michael27-12-1909
11520Eardisland DelightAspenden, St Mary05-07-1969RW1969-0590
10080Heptonstall DelightHeptonstall, St Andrew04-10-2014RW2015-0014
12000Humberside DelightMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower15-04-2007RW2007-0000
10208Percy's Tea Strainer Treble PlaceSproxton, St Bartholomew14-06-2002RW2002-0763

Surprise Major

10080Addington SurpriseWalkden, St Paul10-05-2019RW2019-0509
10304Aldenham SurpriseNewmarket, Mindinho-le-Tower04-08-2001RW2001-0875
13440Ashtead SurpriseLoughborough, Bellfoundry12-12-1970RW1971-0033
10080Axbridge SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower01-07-2001RW2001-0755
13440Batcombe SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower12-05-2002RW2002-0547
12320Belfast SurpriseEast Tytherley, St Peter14-10-1972RW1972-0926
14976Belfast SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower09-11-2003RW2003-1218
10528Cavendish SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower09-03-2003RW2003-0296
10080Cornwall SurpriseDore, Christ Church01-10-2016RW 2016 p1099
11040Crewkerne SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower10-02-2002RW2002-0291
10400Delrow SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower20-02-2000RW2000-0499
11424Dorchester SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower24-02-2002RW2002-0291
14784Double Dublin SurpriseKalamazoo, Stetson Chapel, USA14-06-1987RW1987-0730
11040Edinburgh SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower10-06-2007RW2007-0689
10304Edmundsbury SurpriseLyme Regis, St Michael Archangel19-10-1996RW1996-1285
11200Egleton SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower29-03-2002RW2002-0411
10080Evesham SurpriseHungerford, St Lawrence29-10-1980RW1981-0078
11232Frodsham SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower23-01-2000RW2000-0251
10752Fromefield SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower13-02-2005RW2005-0306
11872Glasgow SurpriseEdgbaston, St Bartholomew25-11-1967RW1967-0919
12096Glasgow SurpriseAccrington, St James06-01-1968RW1968-0071
14688Glasgow SurpriseSpitalfields, Christ Church12-05-2012RW2012-0702
10400Goatacre SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower08-02-2004RW2004-0225
16128Grendon SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower27-09-1998RW1998-1109
10976Helmingham SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower11-02-2001RW2001-0271
12096Huddersfield SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower27-12-2002RW2003-0077
11040Idle SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower28-01-2001RW2001-0271
10560Irchester SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower21-08-2005RW2005-0893
12096Jevington SurpriseHarpenden, St Nicholas23-10-1993RW1994-0057
10144Jumieges SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower23-09-2001RW2001-1067
10400Kemsing SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower12-09-1999RW1999-1039
12000Kingston SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower14-03-2004RW2004-0345
10336Leybourne SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower30-06-2002RW2002-0735
10080Lyme SurpriseLyme Regis, St Michael03-10-1987RW1987-0995
10656Madingley SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower09-05-2004RW2004-0540
12320Martlesham SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower24-09-2000RW2001-0219
11424Nordlingen SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower11-03-2001RW2001-0375
10080Okehampton SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower09-02-2003RW2003-0223
11424Overton SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower01-03-1998RW1998-0555
10304Portishead SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower27-01-2002RW2002-0188
10304Premier SurpriseGarston, St Michael21-02-1998RW1998-0530
11200Quimper SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower07-10-2001RW2001-1091
11104Ruishton SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower24-08-2003RW2003-0900
11328Rye SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower28-10-2001RW2001-1163
10080Sedgemoor SurpriseBridgwater, St Mary06-03-1993RW1993-0517
12768Somerset SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower29-09-2002RW2002-1063
12000Staffordshire SurpriseMavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas20-12-2010RW2011-0209
10080Tannington SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower24-06-2001RW2001-0731
11040Tarvin SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower11-08-2002RW2002-0991
10080Ulm SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower18-04-1999RW1999-0505
12000Urchfont SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower08-08-2004RW2004-0925
10080Uxbridge SurprisePort Sunlight, Christ Church22-05-2004RW2004-0739
10560Valence SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower09-09-2001RW2001-0972
11424Whitwick SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower25-06-2000RW2000-0920
10304Wychwood SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower12-06-2005RW2005-0669
10080Xaintrey SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower14-07-2002RW2002-0792
10528Xonville SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower14-01-2001RW2001-0243
10720Yarnfield SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower10-03-2002RW2002-0315
10080Ytterbium SurpriseSproxton, St Bartholomew31-10-1998RW1999-0041
10752Zellenberg SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower26-03-2000RW2000-0500
10720Zennor SurpriseMarston Bigot, Pig-le-Tower12-09-2004RW2004-0973

Spliced Surprise Major

5056Spliced Surprise (2 m)Whitley Bay, St Paul14-05-19241924p0323
8000Spliced Surprise (497 m)Cambridge, St Andrew the Great02-10-1983RW1983-0907
10080Spliced Surprise (45 m)Harrow Weald, All Saints21-02-1970RW1970-0195
13440Spliced Surprise (6 m)Norbury, St Thomas, Hazel Grove20-05-1961RW1961-0360
15008Spliced Surprise (67 m)Oxford, St Thomas15-06-2002RW2002-0841
17280Spliced Surprise (7 m)Prospect, St Cuthbert, S Australia13-06-1994RW1994-0783
22400Spliced Surprise (100 m)Loughborough, Bellfoundry28-10-2005RW2006-0013


10368Chilcompton BobLyme Regis, St Michael24-04-2004RW2004-0493

Spliced Caters and Royal

10101Spliced (4 m/1 p)Tamworth, St Editha07-10-2006RW2006-1200


12600Chartres DelightLyme Regis, St Michael26-04-1997RW1997-0657
11016Dorset AllianceLyme Regis, St Michael26-04-2003RW2003-0464
10080Fastnet DelightBurnley, St Peter20-11-2010RW2010-1306
10360Nova DelightBasingstoke, All Saints23-09-2017RW 2017 p1001
10000Triton DelightNorthallerton, All Saints22-02-2003RW2003-0321
12240Triton DelightEdinburgh, St Cuthbert09-02-2013RW2013-0260

Surprise Royal

10080Anglia SurpriseGressenhall, The Assumption09-05-2009RW2009-0590
10002Black Sheep SurpriseBurnley, St Peter14-05-2005RW2005-0625
10000Broadheath SurpriseClaines, St John the Baptist31-10-1998RW1999-0041
12080Cat's-Eye SurpriseNorthallerton, All Saints26-02-2005RW2005-0331
10400Clyde SurpriseLockington, St Nicholas12-01-1980RW1980-0184
11000Copper Dragon SurpriseBurnley, St Peter08-06-2013RW2013-0776
10080Henleaze SurpriseLyme Regis, St Michael20-01-1990RW1990-0323
10080Knapps Farm SurpriseDoulting Beacon, Knapps Farm Campanile29-12-2014RW2015-0084
10440London No.4 SurpriseLyme Regis, St Michael27-04-2002RW2002-0547
12000Middlesex SurpriseShoreditch, St Leonard27-03-1984RW1984-0430
10000Nideggen SurpriseOxford, St Thomas24-11-2001RW2002-0164
10360Orion Nebula SurpriseNorthallerton, All Saints18-03-2006RW2006-0427
10800Riggwelter SurpriseThorverton, St Thomas of Canterbury31-03-2007RW2007-0567
10800Winchester SurpriseBishopstoke, St Mary28-07-2012RW2012-0951
10440Wootton Rivers SurpriseThatcham, St Mary19-11-1994RW1995-0144
10000Xenolite SurpriseBlackburn, Cathedral29-10-2011RW2011-1241

Spliced Royal

10000Spliced Bob (6 m)Southampton (HB)18-07-1971RW1971-0710
12120Spliced Surprise (4 methods, all the work)Barrow-on-Soar (HB)20-11-1986RW1987-0083

Spliced Surprise Royal

5040Spliced Surprise (3 m)London, St Magnus the Martyr25-07-19311931p0486
8000Spliced Surprise (204 m)Shoreditch, St Leonard29-03-1987RW1987-562
10080Spliced Surprise (28 m)Isleworth, All Saints29-03-1987RW1985-0241
10560Spliced Surprise (4 m)Leighton Buzzard, All Saints31-03-1984RW1984-0387
10800Spliced Surprise (30 m)Oxford, St Thomas the Martyr03-01-2010RW2010-0121
20000Spliced Surprise (7 m)Lyme Regis, St Michael30-09-1995RW1995-1279
20160Spliced Surprise (56 m)Oxford, St Thomas the Martyr18-03-2010RW2010-0333

Spliced Cinques and Maximus

10018Spliced (1 m/1 p)Liverpool, Our Lady and St Nicholas, Pier Head12-10-2019RW2019-1084


10082Avon DelightBirmingham, St Philip06-04-2015RW2015-0500

Surprise Maximus

10032Ariel SurpriseWorcester, All Saints29-09-2001RW2001-1191
10032Lambeth SurpriseWorcester, All Saints31-10-1998RW1999-0041
12432Orion SurpriseWorcester, All Saints23-11-1991RW1992-0133
10560Rigel SurpriseLeighton Buzzard, All Saints02-01-1995RW1995-0381
12672Rigel SurpriseRoyston (HB)14-01-2006RW2006-0209
10082Zanussi SurpriseCity of London, St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge17-11-2018RW2018-1248

Spliced Maximus

13140Spliced (2 m)Marple (HB)06-07-1968RW1968-0628

Spliced Surprise Maximus

5280Spliced SurpriseChelmsford, Cathedral01-04-19291929p0210
8000Spliced Surprise (170 m)Shoreditch, St Leonard14-10-1984RW1984-1002
10560Spliced Surprise (20 m)Worcester, All Saints21-02-1981RW1981-0389
13968Spliced Surprise (11 m)Bradford, Cathedral25-08-1980RW1980-0882
15840Spliced Surprise (30 m)Worcester, All Saints20-03-1993RW1993-0546
20064Spliced Surprise (38 m)Tulloch, Ringing Centre03-06-2017RW 2017 p0713

Spliced Surprise Fourteen

5040Spliced Surprise (3 m)Winchester, Cathedral31-05-1993RW1993-0625
10192Spliced Surprise (14 m)Birmingham, St Martin28-12-2018RW2019-0025

Spliced Sixteen

5040Spliced (2 m)Birmingham, St Martin17-04-1994RW1994-0537
), with current pages as per the current site. However, as this is now pulled from a database, the peals form a single list ordered by method, stage and number of changes.

The short code has several optional parameters which control what is displayed.

inhandTRUE: Include handbell peals only
FALSE: Include tower bell peals only
NULL (default): Include both
includeA list of categories to be included. Default is ‘first, surpassed, long’.
The other category is ‘other’.
standardTRUE: Include standard methods only
FALSE: Exclude standard methods
NULL (default): Include all methods
stagefrThe lowest stage to include (default is 0), e.g. 4 for minimus, 12 for maximums Spliced caters/royal is 9.5!
stagetoThe highest stage to include (default is 99). Currently this goes up to 22.
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