Peal Record Performance

Company of All Saints Ringers, Wakefield


Yorkshire, All Saints

On Monday 27 March 1826, in 3 hours and 26 minutes

Tenor: 31

5,400 Superlative Surprise Royal (No.1)

Composed by William Woodhead

1William Fawcett
2Joseph Sugden
3Mark Blackburn
4George Pickering
5John Hall
6James Gill
7Joseph Gill
8Thomas Netherwood
9William Woodhead (C)
10Robert Collett

The first peal of Superlative Surprise Royal


5400 Superlative No.1 Surprise Royal by William Woodhead

23456 M W H --------------- 45236 - - 56234 - 2 --------------- 5 part.

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