Peal Record Performance

Bath & Wells Diocesan Association

Marston Bigot

Somerset, Pig-le-Tower

On Sunday 26 March 2000, in 4 hours and 2 minutes

Tenor: 20lbs

10,752 Zellenberg Surprise Major

Composed by Andrew N Tyler

1Adrian P Beck
2Andrew J Palk
3James A Hodkin
4Brian J Woodruffe (C)
5Michael J Stone
6Jenny M A Astridge
7Robert E Beck
8Tom Chapman

First peal in the method:


Margaret E L Chapman
Alison R Caton


10752 Zellenberg Surprise Major by Andrew N Tyler

234567 B W 4 3 ----------------------- 745263 s s 264573 s s 345276 s s 374526 s s* s 64532 s s 62453 s s s 745632 s s 734562 s s s 245763 s s 764523 s s 345726 s s 324576 s s s ----------------------- 4 part, omitting s* in parts 2 and 4. 42 cru's.

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