Peal Record Performance

St Martin's Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham


West Midlands, St Philip

On Monday 6 April 2015

Tenor: 31¼

10,082 Avon Delight Maximus

Composed by Richard J Angrave

1Paul E Bibilo
2Mark R Eccleston
3Adam A Brady
4Katherine L Town
5Simon J L Linford (C)
6Alban D Forster
7Stephen M Jones
8Graham M Bradshaw
9Paul Needham
10John P Loveless
11Thomas W Griffiths
12Michael P A Wilby

Rung to mark the Tercentenary of the building of St Philip's.
1900th tower bell peal at St Philip's.
Longest peal in the method.


John H Fielden
John A Anderson
Richard J Angrave


10082 Avon Delight Maximus by Richard J Angrave

No 423 234567890 M E N W H ____________________________ 45236 1 1 43256 y 1 2* 25436 2+ x s 54362 s 2 s 23465 s c s 674523 s s s 643527 y s s 4586273 s 2 675849302 a 345627890 b 2$ 34625 x 1 52643 1 y 1 1 (42536) 2 s ____________________________ N=9ths. E=8ths. z=18. 2*=sb, 2+=bs, 2$=zb. a=s3rds, s5ths, 7ths. b=s4ths, s2nds, Out. c=Out, 5ths, 4ths, Out. x=6ths, Out, 7ths. y=Out, s4ths, s2nds, Out. Contains 19 56s, 8 65s, 282 four bell runs at the back, and 156 four bell runs, 15 90ETs at the front, with TE0987123456, TE0987612345 and 10 leads of mega tittums c.o. TE098765432.

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