Peal Record Performance

St James Guild

Leighton Buzzard

Bedfordshire, All Saints

On Monday 2 January 1995, in 7 hours and 30 minutes

Tenor: 35

10,560 Rigel Surprise Maximus

Composed by Roderick W Pipe

1Martin J Whiteley
2Roderick W Pipe
3Paul N Mounsey
4David C Brown
5David E House
6Ian Roulstone
7George H Campling
8Alison K Surry
9Peter J Townsend
10Alan Regin
11David J Pipe
12Mark Regan

The longest peal of Rigel yet rung


Julia R Cater
Catherina E Griffiths
Jonathan G W King
Thomas W Griffiths


10560 Rigel Surprise Maximus by Roderick W Pipe

23456 O I V --------------- 65432 3* - s 23465 ss - s 53426 3 s s 32456 ss - --------------- 2 part. 3*=sbb.

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