Peal Record Performance

Oxford Diocesan Guild


Berkshire, 7 Laburnham Road

On Wednesday 3 November 2004, in 3 hours and 18 minutes

Tenor: 17

5,096 Pudsey Surprise Fourteen

Composed by Graham A C John

1-2Patricia M Newton
3-4Graham A C John
5-6Bernard F L Groves (C)
7-8Graham G Firman
9-10Philip A B Saddleton
11-12Katherine J Firman
13-14Robert H Newton

First peal in the method on handbells.


5096 Pudsey Surprise Fourteen by Graham A C John

23456 M W H --------------- 56324 2* s s 24365 s - 64523 2* s 35426 s s 23456 - --------------- 2*=bs. Contains 5 56s, 3 65s, 86 little bell at the back, and 60 little bell at the front.

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