Rolls of Honour – Cemetery Details

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Helles Memorial

To match the CWGC plan of this Memorial the views have been captioned as if it faced due South: it actually faces about 30 degrees West of South. 2018-12-05 11:45:16

GtWAllen, JSutton Courtenay
GtWBallance, PGainsborough
GtWBallard, JHanbury
GtWBinns, JLeesfield
GtWBradley, WLedbury
GtWCharman, JEHorsham
GtWColbreay, CJCharing
GtWCruttenden, HAHenfield
GtWDay, GEEye
GtWDickerson, LAThetford St Mary
GtWDrake, WBHilton
GtWFoot, EHBuckland Newton
GtWFrizzle, EGHartlebury
GtWHanks, ETClehonger
GtWHawkins, WFStinchcombe
GtWHillary, EGWonston
GtWHillary, VFWonston
GtWMears, LEGrantham
GtWMedhurst, RJChiddingstone
GtWMerrifield, VGFontmell Magna
GtWMerritt, AJBishops Cannings
GtWSamways, S JChideock
GtWShott, JELittledean
GtWSouter, WSMistley
GtWSteel, AHTilehurst
GtWSudell, HJUpper Clapton
GtWSymonds, AWBramley
GtWTaylor, GBearsted
GtWTurner, TSolihull
GtWWarner, JTYate
GtWWebb, EJBangor
GtWWellsted, ECurdridge
GtWWilliams, JLedbury
GtWWilson, HMilton Abbey
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