16th September 2015


The Central Council maintains and publishes records of methods which have been rung in peals and quarters, and provides advice to ringers about methods, method extension and other technical matters. Our electronic method collections on the internet contain nearly 20,000 methods, and are maintained by the Technical and Taxonomy Workgroup.

Method collections

The Central Council Method collections can be found at methods.cccbr.org.uk

Technical and Taxonomy Workgroup

This workgroup, created at the 2018 meeting of the Central Council, continues the work of the previous Methods Committee. You can contact the workgroup by email. The workgroup leader is Graham John.

Framework for Method Ringing

The Technical workgroup has been tasked with creating a new “Framework for Method Ringing” to replace the old Central Council Decisions on methods and peal ringing. The framework is currently in a consultation phase, and we welcome contributions. Please see:


Until the Framework is implemented, the current Central Council Decisions on methods and peal ringing continue to apply.

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