16th September 2015


The Methods Committee maintains and publishes records of methods which have been rung in peals and quarters, and provides advice to ringers about methods, method extension and other technical matters. Our electronic method collections on the internet contain nearly 20,000 methods, and we also produce hard-copy collections and articles covering technical aspects of ringing. Formed in 1899, we are one of the Council’s longest-standing committees.

Method collections

The Central Council Method collections can be found on Tony Smith’s website at methods.org.uk

2017 Consultation on the Central Council Decisions

The Methods Committee is preparing proposals for changes to the current CC Decisions on Methods, Peals and Calls. The article below outlines the changes that we are planning to make in 2017, along with a list of further changes we are considering as part of a more major revision in 2018.

2017 Consultation

A draft of the specific changes to the Decisions proposed for 2017 is now also available for comments:

2017 Decision Amendments

We would like views and comments on these proposals from as wide a range of ringers as possible, not just people who are in the ringing theory community. We would like, if possible, to receive comments on our proposed  2017 changes by April 7th and comments on the more wider 2018 changes by 12th May.

You can email comments to the committee at methods@cccbr.org.uk.

We are also pleased to announce that Tim Barnes and Graham John have agreed to act as advisory consultants to the committee, and they will be helping us with this work.

Southwark Consultation

A previous meeting was held at Southwark Cathedral conference centre on Sunday, 11th October 2015. Feedback which was submitted to the committee prior to that meeting can be found here.

Committee membership

Fred Bone (Essex Association)
Mark Davies (Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association)
David Grimwood (Kent County Association)
Peter Niblett (Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild) Chairman
David Richards (Cambridge University Guild)
Leigh Simpson (Ancient Society of College Youths)
Robin Woolley (Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild)

The Committee can be contacted by email here.


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