Tower Maintenance

The Stewardship and Management workgroup regularly reviews all aspects of Tower Infrastructure and Maintenance and can offer advice and recommendations on many aspects including belfry maintenance, loose frames, cracked bells, re-hanging, sound management, cracked towers, augmentations and the monitoring and measurement of moving towers.

Our latest guidance notes related to tower maintenance and infrastructure are available below. Some of the existing guidance notes are currently being reviewed and updated so if you cannot find what you are looking for or require further information on a particular subject please contact the Stewardship & Management workgroup contact for Tower Infrastructure & Maintenance:

Guidance notes and useful information

How to get help from Stewardship & Management Workgroup

  • Terms of Engagement for Tower Visits – this guidance note provides information on how to engage with the Stewardship & Management workgroup for advice on all aspects of bells, bell hanging, bell towers and bell maintenance.


  • Belfry Maintenance – For comprehensive information on Belfry Maintenance, the Central Council’s Manual of Belfry maintenance is available for purchase through the online shop.
  • Tower Access – No matter how comfortable and well equipped your ringing room or how excellent the go of the bells, if you can’t reach them safely they’re not much use to you. For that reason it is well worth considering the state of the access route to the tower.

Major Projects

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