Call Change Competition Test Piece

60 on 3rds extract

60 on 3rds is the most famous and frequently used peal of call changes. It is the test piece of the Devon Association call-change competitions, together with raising and lowering in peal. 

The plan is quite simple as can be seen from the first section of the peal that will be used in this competition. After calling the bells into Queens, the treble is called up to 5ths place, the third is move up one position, and then the treble is called back down again. So at this point you are in Queens but with three and five swapped (153246). Then the third is called up another place (to 4ths) and the treble is taken up to the back again. As it passes the third it pushes the third back down a place, so when the treble gets to 5ths the third is moved back into 4ths. Then the treble is brought back down again. 

By this point the row is not looking much like Queens any more, except that it is Queens with the third shifted up three places to 5ths place (152436). 

In the full 60 on 3rds, this process then gets repeated with other bells doing what the third just did, but for the purposes of this competition we are only continuing to the half way point of 124356 and calling it round. (The full peal is printed in the Ringing World diary)

PlanCallRowNamed change
Call bells to Queens 123456Rounds
 4 to 5123546 
 2 to 3132546 
 2 to 5135246Queens
Call treble to 5ths1 to 3315246 
 1 to 5351246 
 1 to 2352146 
 1 to 4352416 
Call third to 2nds place3 to 5532416 
Call treble down to lead4 to 1532146Princes
 2 to 1531246Kings
 3 to 1513246 
 5 to 1153246 
Call third to 4ths place3 to 2152346 Quite nice
Call treble to 5ths1 to 5512346 
 1 to 2521346 
 1 to 3523146 
 1 to 4523416 
Call third up to 4ths place again3 to 4524316 
Call treble down to lead3 to 1524136 
 4 to 1521436 
 2 to 1512436 
 5 to 1152436 Ought to have a name
Call fifth to 3rds place5 to 2125436 
 Call treble to 5ths1 to 2215436 
 1 to 5251436
 1 to 4254136 
1 to 3254316
Call fifth to 3rds place again5 to 4245316
Call treble back down again3 to 1245136
5 to 1241536
4 to 1214536
2 to 1124536
Call it round5 to 3124356
4 to 3123456Rounds

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