Ringing for Peace: Armistice100 in the news this weekend – spread the word!

In the Armistice100 overview which has just been posted, and to give a bit more detail on what has now ‘gone public.’  

The Central Council is being supported by the government (Department of Communities and Local Government) in encouraging the recruitment of 1,400 new ringers over the next year, who will be able to ring as part of Armistice100. This is the symbolic replacement of the 1400 bellringers who lost their lives in the Great War. 

There will be press coverage of this over the weekend (Mail on Sunday and Telegraph have already been in touch with me and written articles which will go out today/tomorrow) and the BBC One’s Breakfast will be featuring a piece with our very own Alan Regin between 6 and 9am on Sunday- so please let your community of ringers know, and apologies for the short notice!