Ringing Remembers – Shore, Lancashire


The newly recruited bellringers of St Barnabas Church in Shore, Lancashire, will be joining thousands of others in ‘Ringing Remembers’, to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, and to honour the 1400 bellringers who lost their lives. The tower has been silent for over a decade, due to a lack of ringers, though the bells have been diligently maintained for many years by the Tower Captain John Catanach, whose father was captain before him’

“I was surprised by the response we got,” said John. “I was expecting about four. If we could get eight together that would have been fantastic, but we have become one of the biggest recruiting towers in the country for Ringing Remembers.

“I think the response is due to a real sense of community here – and people want to hear the bells again. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from the local community!”

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