Ringing Remembers Badges

Important: register/update your profile before October 11 to receive your Ringing Remembers badge in time for Armistice Day

CCCBR have been updating the signup database over the last few weeks in anticipation of sending out #RingingRemembers badges to new recruits. Thank you to everyone who has registered and updated their profiles.

If you have not done so already, please make sure you register yourself on the sign up database. If you have already registered, please make sure you have logged in and updated your account so we know that you are learning to ring. Please help us by asking other new recruits to register and update their profile, particularly if you know they are not able to read this message. The link to register and login is: https://a100.cccbr.org.uk/

Can I wear my Ringing Remembers badge on Armistice Day?

If you would like to receive your badge before Armistice Day (11 November) you need to register/update your profile by 11 October. Badges will then be sent out, in batches, and we hope that all learners will have them in time to wear when they ring on Armistice Day.

Learners who sign up after October 11 will still receive a badge but we cannot guarantee that they will receive it in time for Armistice Day.

When is the cut off for the Ringing Remembers campaign?

The cut off for being counted as part of Ringing Remembers is November 11 – after that day we will no longer register learners for the campaign.

What are the Ringing Remembers badges?

These special badges are for Ringing Remembers recruits to recognise their participation as learners in the Ringing Remembers campaign, which has sought to recruit new bell ringers to commemorate the 1,400 that died in WW1. Ringing Remembers recruits will ring on Armistice Day alongside existing ringers across the country.

Can all bell ringers who ring for the Armistice Centenary have Ringing Remembers badges?

Bell Towers will be able to receive special certificates for ringing at 12.30pm on November 11 to recognise their contribution to the UK Government’s national WW1 centenary commemorations. More details for these certificates will be announced shortly.

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